Whirlpool Air Purifier Reviews

Whirlpool Reviews

One air purifier review website reminds readers that today's Whirlpool Air Purifiers come from "A Well Known Name In Home Appliances."

And lays out the 20th century history of the Whirlpool Appliance brand, which did $19 billion in global home appliance sales in 2013.

It is true that Whirlpool is a long-time leading air purifier brand, with popularity boosted by several top ratings from a "well-known consumer periodical."

But today's Whirlpool air cleaners are NOT made or marketed by the Whirlpool Corporation, as most buyers, and some who pretend to write "air purifier reviews," continue to believe.

Amid the 2009 economic downturn, The Whirlpool Corporation licensed the Whirlpool brand for air purifiers to Master Brands HK Limited, an Asian Valuetronics Holdings LTD subsidiary based in Hong Kong.

Whirlpool air purifier production is in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, PRC (People's Republic of China).

The old U.S. made Whirlpools, identified by the words "Assembled in USA" on the back label, are now known as the "Legacy Whirlpool Air Purifiers."

Many of those legacy models are still running, helping sustain the brand value.

In late 2009, the legacy Whirlpools mysteriously disappeared.

Months passed, then identical-appearing Whirlpools returned to the market, having been reverse-engineered for Chinese manufacture.

This same process was happening with many other brand names, just not quite as abruptly or mysteriously as it did with the Whirlpools.

Consumer Reports embraced the offshored new Whirlpools without batting an eye.

Master Brands HK has also introduced a lineup of new products alongside the copies of extinct U.S. models.

But numerous small differences slowly became apparent as consumers accepted the reborn Whirlpool air purifiers.

Chinese engineers attempted to solve the old Whirlpool air cleaner's biggest issue, noise, with large styrofoam fan baffles.

Many U.S. buyers mistook the styrofoam for packing and tried to remove it on setup.

Like many of today's mass-market injection-molded plastic products, a certain percentage of Whirlpool air cleaners will out-gas plasticizer vapors for a few days when new.

Whether the styrene foam contributes to this has not been established, but the chemically sensitive should seek another brand.

Quality issues have emerged, with fit and finish, out of round fans that rub the styrofoam shroud, and fragile front panel clips repeatedly mentioned in customer reviews.

The new model line, not the made-over legacy models, offered a complete automated electronic interface, with dual sensors (particle and VOC).

But the limited carbon in all Whirlpools is best for very light odors, I don't recommend them for heavy chem/odor issues.

Whirlpools are designed for, and excel at, particle capture.

Unfortunately there are numerous reports of chip-production faults in the newer Whirlpools' electronics, especially the VOC sensors.

A five-year warranty is offered, and Master Brands does replace many defective Whirlpools, as evidenced by refurbished Whirlpool air cleaners being sold on eBay.

But buyers should be aware that many barriers stand in the way of a warranty claim.

To stay in warranty, which covers only the motor after the first year, owners MUST retain proof of purchase of genuine (OEM) filters (generics are also sold) at manufacturer's recommended intervals.

Claimants will also pay shipping charges based on their geographic location, possibly negating any benefits of a warranty claim.

Master Brands HK Limited is represented in the U.S. by a telemarketing firm, CCRG Teleservices, out of Amherst, NY.

The good news is that customer service is handled by English speaking reps.

But buyers seeking customer service or warranty claims report long phone waits.

The point here is to help shoppers compare brands, not to bash China or the new Master Brands Whirlpool air purifiers.

Despite the disappointments from the new Whirlpools, I still like them better than their nearest competitors, the Honeywell air purifiers, which are also changing for the worse.

The legacy-copy Whirlpools still have the very strong Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADRs) that made the originals a big success at particulate allergen capture, and are selling very well.

I wouldn't rate Whirlpool air purifier at the very top, as Consumer Reports repeatedly does, but they can solve problems for many particle-based (pollen, mold...) allergy sufferers at lower costs than premium-priced brands.

Whirlpool AP51030K Air Purifier Review

The "new" Whirlpool AP51030K is the company flagship that most people associate with the name Whirlpool air purifier.

A copy of a legacy model that was also rebranded as Sears Kenmore for a few years, AP510 has plenty of history and user feedback.

The reworked 510 Whirlpool is a top seller, 1,166 customer reviews at Amazon.com average a strong 4.3 stars.

Both the legacy AP51030-series and current AP51030K have been anointed as Consumer Reports top picks.

AP510's best feature is a very strong fan and high CADR numbers, which the new model's design has actually increased.

Manual switching, using modern electronic buttons, allows users to select from four speed options. whirlpool ap51030k

On the top speed, AP51030K produces official AHAM-Verifide Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADRs) of;

325 Dust
401 Pollen
315 Smoke.

The Whispure AP51030K has an average Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 347, an increase from the 316 averaged by the legacy model 510.

I consider this a key selling point - sooo many buyers are over-installing weak air cleaners in big rooms full of airborne dirt and then complaining that the air purifier hasn't cleaned the air.

Consumer Reports, despite their shortcomings, refuses to recommend air cleaners below 150 CADR, a valid point.

I review the weaker air cleaners, but always remind buyers to over-install, putting the air cleaner in spaces smaller than recommended by the vendor.

That means buy an air cleaner with CADR equal to or higher than room size in square feet.

AHAM certifies the AP51030K for rooms to 490 sq. ft.

But this size requires top speed operation, noisy and windy, 24/7.

AP51030's power is ideal for quickly sweeping a room, up to my recommended maximum of 340 square feet, of particulate allergens and house dust.

One of my most frequent email inquiries is a request for a single air purifier (or limited budget) which can provide allergy relief in an open-plan living/dining/kitchen area of 500 to 700 square feet.

Unless they say money is no object, my answer is "you need 700 CADR, buy 3 Winix 6300s or two Whirlpool AP51030s (or AP45030s), total cost $500 to $700."

Compare Whirlpool AP51030K to the stylish new Rabbit Air BIOGS 2.0 series, with proven quality control and customer support well above what Whirlpool buyers can expect.

Yeah, Rabbit is good, but in the large room example above you would need at least four Rabbits to get 700 CADR, for a bill around $1,700.

When the inquirer has a bigger budget, my reply might be "I recommend 1000 CADR and 5 pounds of carbon for your situation, buy two BlueAir 603s and one IQAir, total price a bit beyond $2,500, expect high filter costs."

So Whirlpool AP51030K (and/or AP45030K) is a very good budget-minded choice for particulate clearing in big rooms.

AP51030K Filter Train

AP51030K's exterior grill has a coarse dust screen built in.

Next, a charcoal impregnated foam pre-filter captures intermediate-sized particulate and retains light chemical vapors and mild odors.

All Whirlpools are designed primarily for particle capture, for heavy chemicals or smells (far more difficult air quality issues), other brands should be considered.

Whirlpool AP510 features a true-HEPA filter, it captures 99.97% of particles of .3 micron size that pass through the filter.

Of course, less than 100% of air that passes through the air cleaner will actually pass through the filter, 100% filtration and zero particle exhaust is found only in premium priced air purifiers.

One user review notices that the AP510 "leaks dust around the edges, even though I taped them."

Whirlpool suggests changing the carbon prefilters at least every three months, and HEPA filters annually.

Replacement HEPAs are pricey.

Replacement Filter Kits include four pre-filters and one HEPA for about $130, with some vendors asking much more.

The Whirlpool carbon-impregnated prefilter, Whirlpool part number 8171434K, could be replaced with a generic cut-to-fit, but the genuine OEM version has slots which fit over tabs on the chassis.

The HEPA filter, number 1183054K, is also used in the AP45030K and the legacy 510 and 450 models, assuring continued filter availability in the future, NOT to be taken for granted with many air cleaners on today's market.

With the long running popularity and high price of these filters, less expensive generic alternatives have become available.

Genuine Whirlpool OEM filters are user-reported superior, as the frames on the generic filters are weaker and the pleats fewer.

Whirlpools have no ionizers or UV lamps, and do not produce ozone.

AP501030K carries the EPA EnergySTAR seal, certifying energy frugal operation.

A child-proof control lock feature is accessed by holding the sleep mode button for five seconds.

However, a couple user reviews report that the upper grille is spaced widely enough for children to drop objects down into the fan, a possible hazard for very young kids.

Of course this reworked legacy model has the styrofoam baffles which users say contribute to new purifier out-gassing and some rubbing of the occasional out of round fan.

So the question is whether these new baffles, which baffle so many buyers (the customer service line's number one call issue is whether the styrofoam is to be removed, it's permanent), is whether the new sound insulation actually makes the new Whirlpools quieter.

Testers at AllergyBuyersClub.com, which carried and tested the legacy Whirlpools for years, say the "new" AP510 is noticeably quieter.

Buyers should realize that units sent for testing are manufacturer prepped, and weak quality control in offshore mass-produced purifiers makes noise output vary considerably.

Many user reviews of the newer Whirlpool AP51030Ks note noise from out of round squirrel cage fans scraping the styrofoam noise baffle.

While some adroit users have remedied this by inserting a big screwdriver to reshape the off-center fan, but beyond this, parts to fix the modern Whirlpool line are unavailable.

One part of the offshoring process is often a shortening of the cord, and AP51030K has been reborn with just 3 feet, and the manual warns users not to use an extension cord.

With front air intake and top exhaust, Whirlpool AP51030K can sit pretty close to objects and walls, somewhat offsetting the short cord.


extremely strong fan clears room quickly
ideal for pollen, mold spores, particulates
top seller
replacement filters widely available.


noisy and drafty on higher speeds
NOT for MCS, chemicals, or heavy odors
quality spotty compared to former "USA" models
opening above fan not suitable for very small children
large size and short cord.

Despite some noted differences from the legacy 510, Whirlpool AP51030K is an excellent choice for seasonal pollen, house dust, or mold allergy sufferers in the $300 price bracket.

I include AP510 in my Top Ten Air Purifiers list - "Best Whirlpool."

Amazon price is around $300;

Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier at Amazon.com.

Sylvane.com sells the Whirlpool AP51030K for $300, prompt shipping is free.

Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier at Sylvane.com.

Whirlpool AP45030K Air Purifier Review

AP45030K is also a re-engineered version of a legacy model.

Whirlpool AP450 has an "old fashioned" manual rotary speed control dial, three fan speeds instead of four on AP510, no Turbo or Sleep mode, and no LED displays.

AP45030 predated AP51030 back in the legacy years, part of the reason for putting the old AP510 on the market was AP450's dated boxy styling.

But other than those style differences, Whirlpool AP450 is nearly the same as AP510.

AP45030K has slower sales than the "newer" AP51030K, it has 127 Amazon.com buyer reviews compared to averaging 4.3 stars. whirlpool ap45030k

AP450 is a very strong particle collector, with AHAM-Verified Clean Air Delivery Rates well into the 300's:

Dust: 328
Pollen: 354
Smoke: 315.

This yields a mean CADR of 332, not much difference from AP510's 347.

AP450 shares the same AHAM/manufacturer recommended maximum room size rating with AP510, both are claimed to filter air 4.8 times per hour in a 490 square foot room.

These unrealistic sizing numbers are based on day-and-night high speed operation, which few consumers will employ.

While I do suggest sustained periods of high speed running, my room size recommendation is one square foot per dust CADR, which for the Whirlpool AP45030K is 328 square feet.

Like power, filtration in AP450 is very similar to Whirlpool AP510.

AP450 has a washable coarse dust screen in the front cover.

Whirlpool 450's carbon prefilter and HEPA are the same model numbers as those in the 510.

AP450 also has the styrofoam fan shroud/sound baffle with its benefits in noise reduction and issues with fans occasionally rubbing.

Whirlpool AP45030K also has dual timed filter change indicator lights.

Whirlpool AP45030K is 22" high by 17 3/4" wide by 11 1/2" deep, has a too-short cord, and can be placed close to walls and objects due to its top exhaust.


strong fan clears room quickly
very good for pollen, mold spores, particulates
good price/performance ratio.


noisy and drafty on higher speeds
NOT for MCS, chemicals, or heavy odors
quality spotty compared to former "USA" models
large and boxy.

So the main difference between Whirlpool AP45030K and the pricier AP51030K, which gets all the sales and attention, is styling.

In my opinion, Whirlpool AP45030K, while subject to faults mentioned above, is among the best values on the air purifier market when prices drift into the lower end of their range, below $240.

At Amazon.com, the price may vary, I have seen Whirlpool AP45030K as low as $199 and as high as $255.

Whirlpool bargain hunters could wait for the AP450 to be offered at the lower end of that range.

Whirlpool Whispure AP45030K Air Purifier at Amazon.com.

Whirlpool APR45130L Air Purifier Review

Whirlpool Whispure APR45130L is one of the Hong Kong company's new designs, NOT a reworked legacy model.

This one has modern electronic controls, but retains the retro styling.

Consumer Reports has not focused attention on the more recent Whirlpools, and didn't review this one.

That fact alone guarantees much lower sales for the most recent Whirlpool air purifiers.

So APR45130L has just 47 amazon customer reviews, averaging 4.2 stars. whirlpool ap45130l

Like the older designs, APR45130L CADRs are very strong;

Dust 323,
Pollen 359, and
Smoke 311.

This gives us an average CADR of 331, so 45130 is powered almost the same as the popular legacy-look-alike models.

Ads say "Filters air 4.8 times per hour in a 495 sq ft room, while AHAM's recommended room size (part of the CADR publication) is 482 sq. ft.

As always, these are hugely inflated.

Using the Dust CADR, I suggest installing Whirlpool APR45130L in spaces no larger than 323 sq. ft.

451 is a particle focused air cleaner, its charcoal prefilter is OK for light odors only, and must be changed at least every 90 days to remain effective.

Whirlpool recommends not trying to wash the prefilters.

APR45130L uses a distinct set of filters, the carbon prefitlers are #8171434K, a 4 pack, about $30.

The True-HEPA (#1183450) is slated for one-year replacement intervals at a cost of $99.

Users report the HEPA has a rubber seal attached, but others notice some fine dust bypassing.

Auto Mode with Dual Air Quality Sensors

The big news with the newest Whirlpools is a completely electronic interface, missing from the legacy models and their reincarnations.

Buyers should remember NOT to rely exclusively on Auto Mode on any air purifier, including premium models.

While sensor technology is intriguing, the current state of the art simply does not provide optimum air quality throughout the room.

For clean air, users should manually run the Whirlpool, or any other brand, on manually-selected high speed whenever noise conflicts can be avoided.

Whirlpool APR45130L features an LCD display and fully automatic electronic controls.

In Auto Mode, VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) and particulate sensors can automatically increase fan speeds (1 to 3) when increased pollutants are present.

The display allows users to monitor the air quality near the air cleaner.

A Sleep Mode, Timer, and Remote Control round out the electronics package.

The latest Whirplools have no ionization or ozone emissions.

Whirlpools specs list noise at 40 to 49 db(A), not too loud.

Any 300 CADR air cleaner will create quite a breeze, making the room feel cooler in cold climates.

APR45130L measures 17.8"W x 11.4"D x 25.4"H and weighs 22 lbs, roughly the same size as the legacy-copy models it ostensibly could replace.

A built-in handle makes room-to-room movement possible, but the size and weight might be inconvenient for the elderly or infirm.

Whirlpool APR45130L is frugal enough on electricity to be EPA ENERGY STARĀ® Qualified.

There are quality control issues with a certain percentage of the chips in the newest Whirlpools' electronics package.

Many user reviews mention the Auto Mode VOC-SENSE circuit faulting and running the Whirlpool on continuous high speed, forcing users to manually set speeds.

There are also QC issues with the front panel clips, very common in most offshored brands today.

This would be a minor issue, but these new Whirlpools have a safety switch which prevents running the air purifier with a loose front cover.


strong fan clears room quickly
very good for pollen, mold spores, particulates.


noisy and drafty on higher speeds
NOT for MCS, chemicals, or heavy odors
quality variable
expensive, distinct filters.

MSRP is $349.99.

Amazon price is somewhere around $150:

Whirlpool Whispure APR45130L Air Purifier at Amazon.com.

Sylvane has Whirlpool APR45130L for $150.00 with FREE 2 Day Express Shipping:

Whirlpool Whispure APR45130L Air Purifier at Sylvane.com.

Whirlpool APR25530L Air Purifier Review

Whirlpool APR25530L is a newer rectangular model, similar to APR45130L above, but smaller and less powerful.

Also ignored by Consumer Reports, this Whirlpool is less popular, Amazon.com has just 15 customer reviews averaging 3.9 stars. whirlpool apr25530l

Whirlpool APR25530L has official CADR rates of;

Dust 198,
Pollen 214, and
Smoke 191.

These CADRs average 201, acceptable but not competitive with the particle-capturing power we have come to expect from "Whirlpools."

As usual, the official 296 square foot room size is far too large.

Users who expect clean air should install APR25530L from Whirlpool in rooms no bigger than 200 square feet.

Filtration is very similar to models described above, with a no-wash carbon-impregnated 90-day prefilter and annual True-HEPA.

Pros at AllergyBuyersClub, which has tested and sold Whirlpools since the early days, found "an average of 93% of particles larger than 0.3 microns were removed on the first air pass."

I'd rather see an actual emissions number, but 93% is acceptable, I have seen them report lower efficiencies for more expensive products.

Carbon pre-filters are sold in 4-paks, #8171433K, for about $13.

True HEPA filters, #1183250, fetch about $77, for annual filter costs around $90.

Each filter has its own timed replacement indicator, with 6 lights showing life remaining.

These new Whirlpools appear to share the same electronic chipset, so APR25530L seems to have the same automation benefits and issues as APR45130L above.

Whirlpool 255 measures 22.5"H x 14"W x 10.3"D, a little smaller than the other rectangular Whirlpools.

Issues with styrofoam sound insulation, out of round fans, and defective chipsets are also present in a small percentage of APR25530L Whirlpools.

In my opinion, this model is competitive only when priced well below the stronger Whirlpools listed above.


good for pollen, mold spores, particulates
slightly more compact where space is limited.


NOT for MCS, chemicals, or heavy odors
quality spotty
price/performance ratio lower than other Whirlpools.

Amazon offers Whirlpool Whispure APR25530L for about $210;

Whirlpool Whispure APR25530L Air Purifier at Amazon.com.

Sylvane needs $179, with free shipping:

Whirlpool Whispure APR25530L Air Purifier at Sylvane.com.

Whirlpool APT40010R Tower Air Purifier Review

APT40010R is the most popular model in a series of stylish newer Whirlpool tower-styled air cleaners which share the same chassis, automated controls, and fan.

Other very similar Whirlpools include;

APT42010M, and

Targeted at entry-level buyers, APT40010R has achieved some sales success, as evidenced by 82 Amazon customer reviews with a mean value of 4.1 stars. whirlpool apt40010r

APT40010R is modestly powered, with AHAM-certified CADRs of:

Dust 136,
Pollen 150, and
Smoke 123.

This gives Whirlpool APT40010R a CADR average of just 136, making it suited to small rooms only.

AHAM certifies APT40010R for rooms to 190 square feet.

On the APT40010R's box, the Whirlpool tower is claimed to filter a 197 sq ft room up to 4.8 times per hour (they forgot to say on high speed).

I say, in the real world, this purifier will not do a good job in rooms above 130 square feet.

Inside the rear grille, the 90-day charcoal pre-filter, #817500, 4-Pack about $30, captures coarse dust, larger pollens, and airborne fibers.

Whirlpool APT40010R's tower design uses two HEPA filters #1183900, $33 each, stacked vertically.

Replacing the carbon filter quarterly and the HEPA once a year gives annual filter costs around $106.

Filter sealing and fine particle bypassing are often issues in entry-level air cleaners, and Whirlpool APT40010R is not the exception.

Some APT40010R user reviews note little indents, where the HEPA filters fit, which allow air to bypass the HEPA filters.

Others say HEPA filters can be shifted within the mounting space.

AllergyBuyersClub testing results showed APT40010R sequestered an average of 85% of particles larger than 0.3 microns on the first air pass, poorer performance than Whirlpool APR25530L, above.

One innovation Whirlpool has added to these new towers is electronic buttons for each fan speed, so users don't have to step through the speeds.

APT40010R's automated controls and dual sensors are very similar to new line models described above, with the same benefits and issues.

But entry-level buyer reviews reveal that users often allow the "VOC-SENSE" feature to delude them into thinking themselves safe from chemical emissions with this little carbon filter and inexpensive sensor.

To be fair to Whirlpool, there is a user review that asserts this VOC sensor was able to pinpoint toxic emissions from a new memory foam mattress.

Auto controls include a digital display screen to monitor sensed pollutant levels, Sleep Mode for 8 hours low speed operation, and a 1 to 18 hour shut-down timer.

Unlike other automated Whirlpools, no remote control ships with APT40010R.

Whirlpool APT40010R has two vertically stacked squirrel-cage fans, as many tower styled air cleaners will.

Noise is manufacturer quoted at 40-49 dBA, in the same range as much stronger models cited above.

User reviews say low and medium speeds are quiet enough for sleep, but high is too loud.

However, a minority say APT40010R's frequency range is irritating.

Atop the Whirlpool 40010 tower is a good-looking lighted control panel.

Great during the day, this green light is a significant distraction in a darkened bedroom.

This is a very common problem, even in premium air purifiers whose designers should know better.

So APT40010R user reviews propose various solutions to the gratuitous night light problem.

Amid the usual "duck tape," posts, one user says they drape a hand towel over the tower's top at night.

APT40010R is widely advertised as ENERGY-STAR rated, but only AP51030K actually appears on the official list at energystar.gov.

Energy usage on high speed is 80 Watts, and Dust CADR is 136, the ratio is 1.7 D/W.

Energy Star ratings start at 2.0 Dust CADR/Watt, so Whirlpool APT40010R and its dual-fan tower kin clearly are NOT EPA Energy Stars.

Compact and convenient, with a built-in carry handle, Whirlpool towers can be repositioned easily.

But intake is in the back, so some rear distance from walls and furniture is required.

The second generation Whirlpool tower series has the usual front panel tab fragility issues, but fewer out of round fan complaints than rectangular models.


small foot print is a good fit for small rooms
popular tower style
easy to use and maintain.


high replacement filter costs
low power, suits very small rooms only
poor price to power ratio
NOT for MCS or heavy chems or odors.

Master Brands introduced the Whirlpool tower series with high prices, APT40010R carries a MSRP of $199.99.

Prices of this purifier have been reported from $115 to $182.

Amazon prices vary, but $135.55 is about representative;

Whirlpool Whispure APT40010R Air Purifier at Amazon.com.

Sylvane offers Whirlpool APT40010R for $139.00, with free shipping;

Whirlpool Whispure APT40010R Air Purifier at Sylvane.com.

Whirlpool APMT2001M Mini-Tower Air Purifier Review

whirlpool apmt2001m

Whirlpool APMT2001M is a low-powered mini-tower, just about half of the full sized Whirlpool tower series described above.

Most features are very similar to APT40010R, except that APMT2001M has one fan and one HEPA filter, while the full-sized towers have two.

The mini-tower is only for buyers who must have compact or portable particle filtration, it is NOT a room air purifier.

28 Amazon.com customer reviews average 4.0 stars, showing some sales.

Whirlpool APMT2001M has very weak CADRs;

Dust 64,
Pollen 70,
Smoke 52.

Amazon shoppers should note the error in the Whirlpool APMT2001M product description, which quotes "Filters Air 4.8 Times per Hour in a 130 sq. ft. Room."

But the manufacturer says 80 square feet and the official AHAM rating is 81 sq. ft.

I recommend Whirlpool APMT2001M as a desktop or dorm room air cleaner, suited to very small spaces or travel applications only.

Charcoal pre-filters for the little Whirlpool #817100, sell in a year's supply (4 Pack) for about $25.

Whirlpool APMT2001M uses the same HEPA as the bigger Whirlpool towers, #1183900, $33, but only requires one.

That gives us replacement filter costs of $58 annually.

One selling point is the True-HEPA, most mini-towers offer lesser filters.


good fit for office cubicle, dorm room, desktop applications
popular tower style
easy to use and maintain
good portable
fairly quiet


very low power, no rooms small enough
Not for MCS or heavy chems or odors.

Carrying a MSRP of $100, Whirlpool APMT2001M is available at Amazon.com for around $89;

Whirlpool Whispure APMT2001M Air Purifier at Amazon.com.

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