Replacement PRE-Filters for Honeywell Air Purifiers

Within the last few years, Kaz, Inc., which owns the Honeywell air purifier brand, has undergone consolidation under a series of owners.

"Honeywell" air cleaners have around $400 million in sales worldwide, a top-selling brand.

Two results of this popularity are:

1.) Genuine Honeywell Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement filters are widely available, and
2.) a brisk aftermarket flourishes, with knockoff-generic filters sometimes represented as "Honeywell."

Kaz once used a numbering scheme (i.e. "38002"), for hundreds of different replacement filters, which was easily preempted by aftermarket vendors.

Amidst an industry downturn, Honeywells were switched to a modular filter plan which standardized nomenclature and packaging, and reduced the total number of different filters sold. honeywell hrf-ap1

This also made the counterfeits, which still sell well, easier for shoppers to spot.

Most genuine Honeywell OEM filters now feature distinctive red/white packaging and the prefix "HRF-" in the model number.

Generics save money, but can have wider variations in quality and multiple revolving-door vendors, than genuine OEM replacements.

But, in my opinion, the quality of genuine Honeywell OEM filters and pre-filters has been slipping of late, narrowing the gap with the uppermost generics.

Prefilters are a fat cash cow, and Kaz and generic vendors are making the most of the opportunity.

The best way to be sure you're getting real OEM pre-filters is to buy from the website. offers lower prices, and wider selection including generic alternatives, but also features many third party vendors.

Blanket Wrap Prefilters

HRF-AP1 / Filter (A)

HRF-AP1 is Honeywell's "Universal" Carbon Air Purifier Replacement Pre-Filter, this replaces old pre-filter numbers 38002, 32002, 33002, 34002 and 35002.

Also called "Filter Type A."

HRF-AP1 is a 15.75 by 45.5 inch cut-to-fit carbon-impregnated prefilter sheet for many Honeywell purifiers.

163 customer reviews of the AP1 prefilter at, where this prefilter is a top seller, average 4 stars.

These sheet materials can also be used for almost any brand air purifier with filter bay less than 15.75 inches wide.

The AP1 replacement pre-filter fits most round Honeywell Enviracaire HEPA air cleaners, here is the list: honeywell wrap prefilter

10500, 11502, 11520, 11526, 11528,

12500, 12520, 12526, 12528,

13350, 13500, 13520, 13526, 13528, 13530, 13531, 13533,

14500, 14520,

17000, 17005, 17006, 17007HD, 17007-HD, 17008, 17009, 17200, 17205, 17205CST, 17210, 17352, 17400, 17440, 17450,

18150, 18153, 18155, 18225,

40100, 40200, 40201, 41200,

50100, 50101, 50150, 50151, 50152, 50200, 50201, 50250, 50251, 50255HD, 50255-HD, 50300,

51130, 51500, 52000, 52500, 53000, 53001,

60500, 61200, 61500, 62500, 63200, 63500, 64200, 64500,

HPA-094, HPA-100, HPA-104, HPA-200, HPA-204, HPA-300, and HZ680C.

The genuine OEM kit has perforations and templates, allowing users to cut out 1 to 8 pre filters, depending on which Honeywell they own.

17000 series owners can get two prefilters, but 50250 folks get only one with about 1/3 waste, cutting the HRF-AP1.

Many users find the old prefilter the best template.

HFD-300 AirGenius.
HFD-310, AirGenius,
AirGeniusHFD-320 AirGenius

HRF-K2 reduces odors using potassium permanganate calcite, a bit more expensive than plain activated carbon.

HFD-120-Q owners must cut this filter cut to fit.

Some user reviews say HRF-K2's are too narrow to span the air intake.

$17 at amazon, with higher prices, to $35, found across the web.

Buyers who want to save a few bucks could choose the "GE" 48 by 16 inch blanket wrap recommended above and cut it to make multiple prefilters.

HRF-K2 Household Odor & Gas Reducing Pre-filter (Filter K) - 2 Pack at

At the official kaz website, price is $13.99 plus shipping.

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