Air Cleaner/Purifier Resources

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Here are links for cleaner air: these are good information sources. Unless an air cleaner or other product has been specifically reviewed here, I offer no recommendation, either positive or negative.

Purification Websites

Air Purifiers -

Ameripure Technologies advanced air purifiers, filters and smoke eaters. We also offer countertop, undersink and whole house water purifiers, portable air conditioners, and more!

Carbon Block Water Filters by KX Industries -

Fast delivery and great prices on carbon block, chlorine, taste and odor, sediment/dirt water filters and replacement cartridges for KX Industries, Culligan, Ametek, Cuno and more...

LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine -

Recommended white noise machine to improve sleep quality and drown out ambient noise.

Indoor Air Cleaning Authorities

EPA Indoor Air Quality -

EPA resource on indoor air quality in homes and other buildings.

EnergyStar Rankings -

Energy Star Ratings on many Air Purifiers.

Air Cleaner Manufacturers

IQAir Purifiers

IQAir systems are recognized around the world as the most advanced room air cleaners ever designed. Used in homes, hospitals and medical labs around the world.

Search Engines


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Air purifier websites come in many flavors: most have a product sale as their most wanted response. There is nothing inherently immoral about selling, but many air purifier vendors are treading the border. avoids links to dishonest vendors. Sites appearing here are not endorsed, but have been screened for quality.

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