Ultraviolet UV Lamps for Germ Guardians

Experienced GermGuardian UV Lamp buyers can skip the introductory text by scrolling down to look for their replacement part number (yellow highlighted, example: LB4000).

When the GermGuardian line was introduced, the air sterilizers and subsequently the air purifiers were well received by big box retailers.

Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy displayed the GermGuardians.

But once the glitter wears off, these vendors always switch the low-end consumer to the next "new" product, and do not support their sale with parts or filters.

Buying online is then the only option until the manufacturer eventually stops support of older products.

Guardian products are notorious for short UV lamp life.

This type of bulb, even those of higher quality, rarely emit UV-C for more than 12 months continuous use, emissions of the germicidal wavelength fall faster than those of visible light.

Guardian Technologies suggests UV bulb replacement at 4,000 hours, about five and a half months, when the average lamp's UV emission will have weakened by maybe 15%.

At a maximum of 5000 hours (7 months), now making about 50% of full UV-C strength, the light may flicker or change colors, which is when many users decide on replacement.

So vendors advertising "replacement every 6-8 months" are stretching the envelope, as most of these lamps are barely making UV-C after six.

And the most common consumer complaint is about the lamp no longer being effective against odors after much shorter run times than expected.

Fluorescent lamps produce UV-C by running electric current through low-pressure mercury gas.

New mercury-vapor lamps produce about 85% of their emissions at a wavelength of 254 nanometers.

This radiation does not directly kill microorganisms, it damages their DNA beyond reproduction.

Failed reproduction lowers the density of airborne mold spores, bacteria and viruses.

There are risks with this technology, which many consumers ignore.

First is Mercury.

Inexpensive UV systems often use thin glass bulbs which will release mercury if broken.

Users should be very careful handling these lamps.

It is also important to avoid touching the glass, grasping the base or ends instead.

There are several user reviews mentioning breaking of these lamps.

If a bulb breaks, debris should be cleaned up and disposed of carefully, and never vacuumed.

UV lamps are not intended to be looked at, the blue light should always stay inside the shielding of the air cleaner.

Many buyers are trying to use these bulbs as replacements in other products, such as toothbrush sanitizers.

People are doing an Amazon search for non-Guardian products with the term "UV Sanitizer bulb" in the string.

These lamps are for the GermGuardian air sanitizers and may not fit other brands or devices.

UV lamps are NOT designed for use outside the product they are built for, and in no case should they be lit where easily damaged eyes can look directly at the "blue" light.

You may be thinking, "Why is he repeating this warning which every sensible person already knows?"

Well, there is one Amazon review where somebody read UV-C "kills bugs" and tried to use a naked UV bulb to try to kill insects.

Fortunately, their brilliant experiment failed to damage insects, which routinely endure direct sunlight, before the rocket scientist could go blind from UV eye damage.

These lamps have few markings and may ship with minimal bubble wrap.

Amazon prices are generally lower.

To be certain you're getting a genuine OEM lamp, shop Sylvane.com or Guardian Technologies.

GermGuardian LB1000 Replacement UV Bulb

germguardian lb1000 uv lamp


LB1000 is a 3.5 Watt UV-C bulb to fit GermGuardian Air Sanitizers:

and GGH200.

This lamp is getting scarce, Sylvane.com lists it as discontinued, so owners of the above listed sanitizers may want to try stocking up.

Amazon asks just $8.89 for the LB1000, but requires an accompanying order of $25 or more to ship (add-on product).

GermGuardian LB1000 Replacement Bulb at Amazon.com.

Guardian sells LB1000 for $14.99:

GermGuardian LB1000 at Guardian Technologies site

GermGuardian LB4000 Replacement UV-C Bulb

germguardian lb4000 uv lamp


LB4000 UV-C lamps fit GermGuardian AC4800 Series air cleaners:


and AC4850.

The 4000 series air purifiers are Guardian's top seller, so lamp availability is better than for other GermGuardians.

Amazon's price is about $20:

GermGuardian LB4000 Replacement UV-C Bulb at Amazon.com.

Sylvane's price is $21.95 + $4.95 shipping:

GermGuardian LB4000 Replacement UV-C Bulb at Sylvane.com.

And Guardian sells LB4000 for $24.99:

GermGuardian LB4000 at Guardian Technologies site

GermGuardian LB5000 Replacement UV-C Bulb

germguardian lb5000 uv lamp


LB5000 is an 8-watt UV-C bulb that fits AC5000 Series models:


and AC5250PT.

At Amazon, LB5000 goes for approximately $26:

GermGuardian LB5000 Replacement UV-C Bulb AC5000 Series at Amazon.com.

Sylvane's price is $26.95:

GermGuardian LB5000 Replacement UV-C Bulb at Sylvane.com.

Guardian lists LB5000 at $29.99:

GermGuardian LB5000 at Guardian Technologies

GermGuardian EV9LBL Replacement UV-C Bulb and Filter

germguardian ev9lbl uv lamp


EV9LBL is the 9-watt replacement UV-C Bulb and Filter kit for EV9102 air sanitizers.

This is another disappearing lamp, Sylvane no longer has a page for it.

Some user reviews suggest substitution of other 9-watt G23 Base UV-C lamps, widely available, but I have no direct experience with these applications, users try this at their own risk.

The GermGuardian EV9LBL bulb has many Amazon reviews with complaints concerning short life expectancy, and a few mention kits shipped without filters.

Amazon sells EV9LBL kit (lamp with filter) for $17.84:

GermGuardian EV9LBL UV-C Bulb with Filter at Amazon.com.

The EV9LBL bulb is sold alone for $19.99 at the manufacturer's site:

GermGuardian EV9LBL Lamp at Guardian Technologies site

Guardian has recently begun listing the filter, EB9FL, separately for $4.99:

GermGuardian EV9FL filter at Guardian Technologies site

LB4100 Replacement UV-C Bulb


LB4100 UV-C lamp, fits AC4100 Table-Top HEPA Air Purifier.

LB4100 is $14.99 at Guardian:

GermGuardian LB4100 Lamp at Guardian Technologies site

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