RXAir RXAIR1-A Air Purifier Review

RXAir 1-A is NOT a particle capture device, OK?

First, we spread infectious micro-organisms by exhalation, which creates tiny water droplets that transport the agent.

Many people, maybe a majority, cannot distinguish this from dust-based transmission, a whole different game.

A few cases come from drinking glasses, doorknobs...secondary contacts.

Reading these reviews, fortunately under 100, I am struck by the number of users who cannot seem to realize they have purchased a sterilizer - they are rating it "one star" for not picking up dirt!

So, if you are looking for a dust grabber, RXAir 1-A is NOT for you.

Made-in-China! Jus sayin...

So what is RXAir 1-A?

A "Filterless" (not completely true),
UV-C Air Purifier,
32-inch high,
"No Maintenance" (false),
Kills Viruses, Germs, and Bacteria,
Reduces Allergies,
Removes Odors.

Not one word about particles, though RVAir does have a coarse particle filter, which needs frequent cleaning, AND a less than one-year UV lamp life.

With a $480 price sticker, this thing needs to feel very fuzzy when the new owner receives it.

So the no-maint promise pertains solely to no-filters-to-buy, buyers are still getting stiffed for replacement UV tubes ($100), at intervals more frequent than one year.

Recently the company decided to liberalize their warranty policy, pasting "5 years" where one year used to sit.

But they left the 1 year tag on everything in stock, which is many thousands of RXAir 1-As.

I think these guys are working pretty close to the quick, they can't get things done fast enough or cheap enough.

My main purpose here is to shake out the folks who didn't realize RXAirs are NOT particle getters.

RXAir 1-A is a slow seller, 27 Amazon customer reviews average a decent 4.2 stars.

So now it's time to investigate this fledgling company, with a real air purifier review.

Corporate History and Product Evolution

Now, RXAir has been in business almost 20 years now, but was bought out in 2011 by UV Flu Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: UVFT).

Rx Air became a wholly-owned subsidiary of UVFT.

Then in 2013 they diverged back into two organizations selling more of less the same products.

I read their financials, where it looks like they have NO money, just carrying on with shareholder funds.

Photocat (PCO) Technology

RXAir 1-A works by photocatalytic oxidation, PCO for short.

PCO is NOT really new, it just keeps fizzling, with new applications appearing at ever higher prices.

Three high-intensity UltraViolet (UV-C) lights cast energy on a Titanium-dioxide (TiO2) coated filter, which releases highly-reactive hydroxyl ions and super-oxide ions.

These oxidizers are much safer than the ozone which preseeded them, largely because they have very short half lives, dying out in fractions of one second.

Ozone is very effective against airborne micros, but persists for DAYS after the ozone machine is powered off.

There are numerous competing products in the PCO space, almost all are pretending to capture particles they really can't retain.

I get 4 or 5 emails a year from guys who think I can use my inside knowledge to place their PCO enhancement in a new product.

So the oxidizers attack the pollutants at the MOLECULAR level, tearing them limb from limb.

RXAir says 1-A goes "beyond filtration" killing bacteria and other micro-organisms, implying that RXAir 1-A does filter.

But the filter is a coarse unit and must be kept clean, maybe monthly.

A few guys are seeing where this wants to go - what about the partially disassembled waste products?

Taking things apart is fine, but what is released?

Builders will lead with their 99% studies, but there are hundreds of pollutants and microbes, different in every home.

The microbe list includes the Common Cold, Seasonal Flu, H1N1, Pneumonia, MRSA, SARS, Strep, TB, Measles, and countless others.

Toxins are also well represented, "air pollution linked to sleep disorders" is a pretty broad concept.

Some new Chinese time bomb keeps popping up, like Acetaldehyde, Boron, or Trichloroethylene...

In the studies posted at www.rxair.com, note the low percentages of organic chems removed on subsequent passages.

So a major stumbling block has been our incomplete awareness of what really happens under the hood of a PCO purifier.

As far as other filtration goes;

Almost NO Filters,
little Carbon,
NO ionizer.

There is a system of baffles to create turbulence and direct air closer to the lights.

Airflow in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) is listed at a decent 210 CFM.

Rated by the builder for up to 800 sq. ft., RxAir can clean air in an average sized bedroom (144 sq. ft.) as much as 6 times per hour.

I must remind folks that bigger is NOT better, the smaller space is where you should be starting.

Controlling noise is where RXAir1-A's 15 (fifteen, no typo), independent fan speeds can come in handy.

RXAir1-A will automatically shut down following 8800 hours of use, at which point a NEW cartridge is REQUIRED for further operations.

8800 hours is less than one year.

One guy griped about the time he spent - five hours to replace the UV-C bulbs and tube.


Three 24 Watt low-pressure mercury UV lamps create a germicidal UV exposure of 41 J/m2.

Here is a bone we can throw, that's 72 Watts, some real decent power - many department store UV-C systems have 4 to 10 Watts UV, maybe it's UV-C.

Some users have griped about RXAirs arriving with scarce documents, no manuals or instructions.

The User Manual document is available online, at the bottom of FAQ page.


Emissions & Utility

RXAir 1-V doesn't produce any ozone.

With 15 independently selectable speeds, users have plenty of latitude to set the perfect noise level.

Only a few user sound complaints in 27 owner reviews.

A couple reviewers mention a "new appliance smell" first few days of use, but that quickly dissipates.

1-V is wired for 110 Volt Western current (120V/60Hz/1.6A), use on some other systems entirely at your own risk.

RXAir1-V uses 93 Watts, "same as a 100-Watt light bulb," but that's pretty high for a modern air cleaner.

Dimensions are 21.5 x 9.5 x 32 inches, weight, mostly plastic, 14.2 pounds.

Cord length is a respectable 108 inches.

Corporate and Warranty

I have reviewed several PCOs, always with the same caution.

This one is as good as any, but the KEY is to get the FIVE YEAR WARRANTY with your machine.

Think about everybody who has blindly bought these only to have the RXAir 1-V shut down in 11 months!

I suspect RXAir got tired of trying to resell the very P.O.ed last year's customers and needing another price cut, went to the warranty extension.

Now, the company DOES honor the new warranty, buy the buyer hasta know about it and retain proof.

If they ship you a "1 year" air cleaner, YOU MUST document the purchase AND get online to fill out the warranty registration form promptly.

The Five (5) Year Warranty is also supposed to be accompanied by a "free UV Air Purifier cartridge coupon."

They are also supposed to drop a return shipping coupon, for the toxic (Mercury) bulb assembly, in the package with the replacement lamps.


rxair 1-A

Well, here's the hard part.

RXAir1-A has lots going for it:

Small footprint,
Bigger power than other PCOs,
Fifteen fan speeds

The negatives are also significant;

only lasts 11 months if run 24/7,
then you NEED RXAir to still be in business,
flaky warranty is scary,
NO filters.

Best Applications

Allergy Sufferers
New Baby coming,
Sleep disorders

RXAir RXAIR1-A Purifier at Amazon.com.

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