Hoover WH10201, WH10301, and WH10401 Air Purifier Reviews

Hong Kong-based Hoover has taken over the brand name and keeps coming out with cost-cutter models.

Hoover's newer series, WH10201 (A101), WH10301 (A201), and WH10401 (A301), is the latest.

Listing at $80-to-$200 and 100-to-200 CADR, the HEPA-TYPE Hoover series is both cheap and weak.

Sales have NOT taken off, the 37 Amazon reviews are ALL Vine Program subsidy writeups, entirely focused on the A301 (largest) model.

These have one hepa-TYPE filter, replacements are NOT yet available in retail outlets.

Out of the 37 free-reviewers, only a couple raised concerns about the ambiguous "HEPA" filter, some were already looking for a replacement, and finding none offered.

So we'll have to wait a couple months to see if "Hoover" will come out to support this series or not.

Low speed is said to be very quiet, many users sleep on medium, and high speed is "about eight times as loud as medium."

The WH10401 measures 10.1 x 21.3 x 17.9 in. and weighs 14.2 lbs.

The WH10301 measures 7.6 x 16.5 x 15.4 inches.

The WH10201 measures 8.2 x 12 x 13.8 inches and weighs 7.8 lbs.

There is no exotic technology, no ions, no ozone, no photocat, only a countdown timer for minimal automation, just two filters. hoover A301

Principal competitors are department store models - Honeywells, Holmes, Hunters, ... not real aggressive contenders.

NO Hoovers are listed in the CADR table.

For the WH10401, "15 X 20 foot room" is a NO-WAY!
Hoover A301 is a 200 CADR air cleaner, max room size is 200 sq. ft.

For the WH10301, "15 X 15 foot room" is a wildly optimistic!
Hoover A301 is a 125 CADR air cleaner, max room size is 125 sq. ft.

For the WH10201, "10 X 12 foot room" is a home run!
Hoover A101 is an "80" CADR air cleaner, max room size is 80 sq. ft., a small dorm room or modest closet.

One reviewer mentioned break-in odor, saying it lasted three days.


These guys are NOT Energy Star frugal.

There is a carry handle on the 301, but the weight is low enough most users won't need it.

Cord length is six feet.

Corporate and Warranty

With so many seeded Amazon Vine reviews, and NO others, we'll have to wait a while for feedback.

Especially critical is replacement filter availability and price.


Shoppers can browse all three

Hoover A201/A101/301 Air Purifier at Amazon.com.

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