Germ Guardian GG-1000 UV-C Air Sanitizer Review

Many people are concerned with the prospect of epidemic disease, or have health issues which require protection from airborne microorganisms.

Germ Guardian GG-1000 is a small plug-in ultraviolet air sanitizer.

The GG-1000's attractive design is claimed to kill harmful airborne bacteria and mold spores without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals.

Guardian air sanitizer is not an air purifier.

It has no filters to clean or replace, and no particles are captured.

GG-1000 can kill over 98% of airborne microorganisms that go through the sanitizer.

Does It Work?

Air is drawn into the chamber by a fan capable of pulling 456 cubic feet of air per hour through the aluminum UV-C chamber.

germ guardian gc-1000

Note the "per hour," not per minute.

UV-C is a proven tool for disinfection, but it requires considerable "dwell time" in the chamber to damage the DNA of microbes.

This means that low-powered UV installations will have very slow rates of microbe removal, and can be effective in very small spaces, if at all.

While cleanroom technology is highly evolved, no standards exist for evaluating small devices like GG-1000 in residential settings.

Guardian is said to reduce germs in large rooms, but to have any real effect on health, GG-1000 would need to be installed in very small rooms and run continuously.

Germs are not confined to a single room, and vectors - people and pets - may come and go.

To keep a house germ-free, multiple sanitizers would be needed.

Germs living on surfaces, in crevices, or simply not the airborne types, will not be removed.

There is no objective method of measuring the sanitizer's effectiveness in preventing disease transmission, despite numerous user reviews who claim to have experienced fewer infections since purchasing the Germ Guard 1000.

Germ Guardian literature states "The purchase of a Pluggable does not prevent illness."

Some reviewers report relief from mold allergies when GG-1000 is installed in bedrooms.

But the principal demonstrated benefit of the Germ Guardian GG-1000 is in odor removal.

Many user reviews mention odor remediation in confined spaces; baths, kitchens, cat box areas, and garbage can locations are reported to benefit.


Germs are irradiated by a 3.5 Watt ultraviolet-c light bulb as they pass through the GG-1000. germ guardian gg-1000 bulb

This is a very weak germicidal UV installation, UV air purifiers use six to 20 Watts.

Guardian products have short bulb life.

UV bulb replacement is suggested after 4,000 hours continuous operation.

After running 4,000 hours the bulb will have lost 15% of its power.

Between four and five thousand hours the bulb will flicker or change colors, signalling the need for a replacement.

Replacement UV lamps, part number LB1000, are widely available.

The only recommended maintenance is UV-C bulb replacement, which averages about six months use.

Germicidal ultraviolet bulbs contain toxic mercury, and are best disposed of at a household-hazardous-waste collection center.

In the event of a broken bulb, do not use a household vacuum to clean up.

Some user reviews report accumulation of dust inside the chamber.

Blowing out these particles with compressed air from a duster can is recommended after 18 months use.


Germ Guardian GG-1000 is NOT "whisper quiet."

Around 800 reviews have piled up at Amazon, with 13% one and two stars.

The most common 1-star review says "TOO X@%t&? LOUD!"

Many reviewers say it's too noisy for the bedroom, despite the attractiveness of the photo below. germ guardian gc-1000 bedroom

Some who sleep with white noise say they like GG-1000 near the bed.

Other reviews note that GG-1000 got louder with hours-of-use.

The plug-mounted Germ Guardian does NOT emit ozone.

But owners should avoid looking at the blue light, as UV radiation can cause eye damage.

Many remark that the light is a pleasant glow, without understanding the risks.

GG-1000 does not get hot, and so poses no burn danger to children and pets.

GG-1000 measures 3.5 inches in diameter and 11.25 inches high.

The Guardian weighs one pound, which has proven too heavy for some worn plugs to support.

"Plug won't hold it" is the second most frequent complaint.


Guardian offers a one-year limited warranty on GG-1000. But the UV-C bulb is not covered.

Registration is not required for warranty service, but the original sales receipt is.

Customers are responsible for freight to an authorized Guardian Technologies LLC warranty service center.

For an under $40 sterilizer, a warranty claim may be uneconomic.

Guardian Technologies LLC is located in Mentor, Ohio.

Customer Service is available at 1.866.603.5900.


In my opinion, Germ Guardian GG-1000 will not prevent typical illnesses, which are passed by touching and sneezing, rather than breathing room air.

There might be a benefit for immunocompromised individuals, but I think they should move upmarket to a more powerful UV air purifier installation.

But the widespread use of questionable chemical "air fresheners" makes the chemical-free GG-1000 look plausible for odor elimination in smaller rooms like kitchens, closets, or baths.

Don't buy the Germ Guardian for the bedroom unless you like white noise.

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