Airfree Air Sterilizer Review

Airfree P1000 Sterilizer $219.00

Airfree Air Sterilizer offers a different approach to germicidal air sterilization, using heat instead of ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms passing through it.

This is a fairly new product by a European builder, and despite vendors claims there are few ratings, reviews, comparisons, and user reports.

Airfree has a full product line, including commercial purifiers, with a history of success in agricultural applications, notably chicken farms.

The P1000 air sterilizer is a cosmetic upgrade of the Airfree P80, providing a product look consistent with the new P2000 and P3000 sterilizers.

Simple construction, with no moving parts, NO noise, no filters, nothing to clean, no uv lamp replacement costs, and no maintenance, is the Airfrees claim to fame. sterilizer airfree air

It consists of three chambers;

an intake chamber where air is drawn from the bottom,

an incineration chamber where temperatures reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit,

and a cooling chamber where air is cooled to 144 degrees before exhaust through the top.

A ceramic heating element core contains dozens of small tubes for air to pass through. Airborne viruses are killed by exposure to 150°F for one second, and are very vulnerable to the Airfree purifier, as are mold spores, bacteria, and other fungi.

Heated air rises through the sterilization chamber by convection, a different kind of fanless breeze.

Users find this sterilizer works best with a little assistance from room air circulation.

Airfree Air Sterilization: NOT Fast

P1000 air sterilizers cover up to 450 sq ft. with "2 air changes per hour."

This is misleading, since it takes weeks in a constant confined location to disinfect 85% of microbial populations.

I would install it in a bedroom, kitchen or bath, as a permanent fixture of the chosen room.

Of course some bugs remain, no residential environment is ever "sterile."

Airfree disinfects organic matter such as cat dander, if pets are no longer present.

But we are talking weeks before the room will be relatively dander free.

Animal dander is very difficult to remove once an area is contaminated, especially where deep carpeting is present.

This gadget reduces fungi by incinerating spores, the method the molds use to reproduce.

Used as part of a comprehensive mold control strategy, Airfree can be effective.

Airfree P1000 doesn't incinerate dust mites, however it sterilizes fungi, a significant part of the mites diet.

Many people are making the mistake of thinking a conventional air cleaner can be inserted into damp, mold-damaged environments and successfully remove mold from air.

Don't make the mistake of installing airfree sterilizer in these same areas and expecting dramatic results.

My mom and dad bought a nice house to retire in, next to a pretty park, a big golf course, and close to a beautiful little river.

Too close to the river.

The basement had a big sump pump which cut on and off continuously, even when it hadn't rained.

The stench of mold was overwhelming: a big dehumidifier couldn't keep up.

No air purifier or air sterilizer can work with that much source reintroduction.

Shock ozone treatments while people and pets are absent might be an answer.

The following are among situations which call for remediation by professionals; fire damage, flood damage, rotting wood, roofs leaking into drywall or ceiling tile, and carpet mold or pet stained and/or wet.

Airfree’s convection system cannot create sufficient entrainment velocity to sweep in larger particulate matter such as pollen, supra-micron dust or cat hair.

"Airfree air purifier" is a misnomer, it is restricted to biological air contaminants.

Compact at 8.4" x 8.4" x 10.4", and weighing just 2.4 lbs, the sterilization unit is no strain on the decor.

A soft blue light is dimmer controlled to avoid the "bright night lite" complaints common with some air purifiers.

Air Sterilizer Safety

Airfree's top gets warm, 144ºF, but is not considered an air purifier safety risk.

No noticeable increase in room temperature accompanies use of the Airfree sterilizer.

The air sterilizer is chemical and ozone free. Many competitors' uv germicidal lights are ozone producers, and may contain Mercury.

Among the extensive tests certified by contract laboratories is one which shows Airfree to be the only air purifier in the market that destroys significant (26%) ozone.

No emissions, ions, or new particles are generated.

Automatic air purifier safety features prevent overheating, shutting down if air intakes are blocked, the unit is tilted, near a heater, or too close to a wall.

Kitchens and baths, natural mold breeding areas, seem likely target areas.

Airfree's machine is worth a try for immunocompromised individuals, sickrooms, and nurseries.

I think it is underpowered for biological safe room installation, a likely trend in the 21st century.

Airfree sterilizers can be used to reduce mold where documents, artwork, or video tape is stored.

Boats, with their wet sumps, are another application.

Airfree: No VOC Capability

The company’s own lab reported NO reductions in airborne chemical concentrations with these sterilizers.

Test results were impressive with biological contaminants ONLY.

Users report confirmation of the life extension of fresh fruits and vegetables where mold has been reduced by the Airfree.

Using only 46 watts on its single "speed", Airfree sterilizer is not expensive to own.

Manufactured in Portugal, P1000 has a 2 year warranty and manufacturer estimated life of about 5 years.

The company is attempting to establish a world marketing presence, but depends on dealers for this.

Allergy Buyers Club tests, likes, and features the Airfree air sterilizers. They also list competing germicidal air sterilizers at more than double the price.

Germicidal ultraviolet lights are being added to many air purifiers, with the decent units costing upwards of $100 to add, plus lamp replacement costs.

Airfree air sterilizer is a viable alternative to the UV option, but not a substitute for a real air purifier.

This technology is a good complement to a HEPA/carbon air purifier, as part of a system.

If I were ever to revert back to full Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I'd add the air sterilizer to my collection.

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