Advanced Pure Air Newport 9000 Review

Advanced PureAir Newport 9000

Real Spirit USA markets air purifiers in the US under the brand names Ultra Pure and Advanced PureAir.

They have carefully selected a series of China-built air cleaners, offering a high performance to price ratio.

While the company's other air purifiers are demonstrably Chinese-made, I have not been able to ascertain exactly where the Newport 9000 air cleaner is manufactured.

But I do know who designed it.

Astute shoppers will notice the strong similarity of Newport 9000 to the very widely marketed (Surround Air, Heaven Fresh Naturopure HF-380 , AliveAir, and numerous others) "Multi-Tech XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro" Air Purifier.

Really sharp observers will notice the family resemblance to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MHI-6800 air purifier, which forms the basis for these brands.

newport 9000 air purifier

Advanced PureAir 9000 came in a previous version, Ultra-Pure 1000 Air Purifier, which was even more similar to the XJ-3800/MHI-6800.

Slight modifications in styling distinguish the Newport from predecessors.

This is very common practice, and no big deal.

Most best selling "American" air purifiers are made in Asia.

Beginning at Costco wholesale outlets in Taiwan, the young company has rapidly achieved significant US market penetration including Sam's Club,, and Target.

There is also growing internet search interest, a prerequisite for a review here.

So lets take a look at the Advanced PureAir 9000.

Newport really is "Advanced"

While the Newport 9000 does not really contain new technology, the builders cleverly bundled every current air cleaning technology into an attractive package.

The PureAir 9000 has electronic air quality surveillance, sporting dual (dust and odor) air quality sensors, and a nice light-emitting-diode ( LED) 4 level pollutant display.

By automatically adjusting fan speed to room pollutant levels, the Newport operates quietly and unobtrusively, while saving energy.

But readers are NOT advised to leave Pureair 9000 on "auto" all the time, it MUST be operated on High for considerable periods each day.

Additional functions on the controller chip are timers and self diagnostics capability. Sensors indicate when it's time to replace filters, the UV light or clean the collector grid.

A door ajar safety cut-off sensor rounds out the picture.

Photos of the PureAir 9000 make it appear larger than 13.5" x 10" x 25.6”.

There are 4 fan speeds, not five. It looks like vendor is counting the automatic setting as one of their fan speeds.

On the highest power setting Newport 9000 delivers 106 cubic feet/min airflow.

This is very low powered.

Real Spirit advertises this machine for rooms to 754 square feet.

Like most vendor's room size recommendations, this is way too high.

To deliver six air changes an hour with 106 cfm, the maximum room size would need to be 1060 cubic feet (106 cubic feet per minute x 10 minutes, one-sixth of an hour).

Assuming a standard 8 foot ceiling, I get a 132 square foot (1060 cubic feet divided by 8) room size for the Newport. This is the size of a 10 by 13 bedroom.

A possible argument is that for airborne biological contaminants, the 9000's deliberately slow fan speed is needed to assure longer exposure to ulraviolet lamps and photocatalytic grid.

That still makes the PureAir Advanced Newport a mini-purifier.

PureAir Filter Package

The Intelli-Pro air purifier chassis was designed to be stacked with a series of filter technologies, and Newport 9000 has them;

Washable Pre-Filter,
Electrostatic Precipitator,
Activated Carbon Filter,
HEPA Filter,
Photocatalytic (TiO2) Oxidation,
Ultraviolet (UV) Light,
Negative Ionizer.

In my opinion, while each of these technologies is laudable, their combination in this small package fails to achieve the sought for synergism.


The Newport air purifier's 6 Watt 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet lamp is low powered, producing 20 milliwatts/cm sq.

Powerful UV installations run to 40,000 mw/cm sq. 10,000 to 12,000 is common.

At least Real spirit has a very reasonable price on replacement bulbs.

Maintenance: Labor and Cost

As with every electrostatic precipitator, cleaning the Newport's electronic grid is a pain.

This part must be cleaned very frequently to retain effectiveness.

Users of the Surround Air version report fragility of the charging wires and need for careful cleaning.

Combining the electrostatic grid with a HEPA filter is clever - the machine will continue to filter particles when the electric grid is dirty.

Meanwhile the grid, if rigorously kept clean, will extend the life of the HEPA filter.

Low speeds are very quiet, but may not provide much airflow.

The Newport's top speed is sound rated at 52 decibels, not loud, but 106 cfm is not much airflow either.


"Advanced PureAir warrants the Newport 9000 air purifier to be free from manufacturing and material defects (excluding filters, lights, and batteries) for a period of one year from the original date of purchase."

Warranty applies only to original owners with proof of purchase.

Real Spirit USA, Inc.
9447 De Soto Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Customer Service Phone 888.698.2080, ext. 210

One thing to like about Real Spirit is that, while there is some obfuscation in marketing, company principals do not hide their identities.

Dr. Malcolm Currie, Real Spirit Chairman, is former chairman of Hughes Aircraft and Delco Electronics.

Richard Mayer, CEO, was President of Currie Technologies, Inc. which sold electric bikes and scooters.

Mr. Mayer has several videos promoting his products on the web.


Advanced PureAir 9000 Newport is low powered but not high-priced, with reasonable replacement parts costs.

Buyers should not underestimate the labor required to maintain he electrostatic grid.

Many will over-install this alluringly-styled small air cleaner in rooms too big for the power.

The Intelli-Pro air cleaner, which Newport 9000 is based on, has been around long enough, and resold under enough pseudonyms, for novelty price premiums to erode.

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