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A Reader writes:

Good day Ed,

First I must say a big THANK-YOU!

This service that you are providing is a breath of fresh air! (I can now throw away by huge file folder of tons of conflicting air filter information, compiled over the years whilst on the never-ending search for credible air cleaners. And I've been through my share of them.)

I have two Questions for you:

Three years ago - unfortunately before coming across you - I purchased a large floor model LUX Guardian Air by Aerus (Electrolux).

The Lux Legacy Air Portable Hepa Air Filtration System model was included - but it sits inactive in our home office only due to the cost of the filter replacements - which are almost as much as the large floor model.

Also, the fan noise of the portable one is annoying when working.

1. Have you knowledge of the Aerus LUX Guardian Air model - and/or any comment or feedback?
2. Perhaps - would you recommend air cleaners for each room? We just have the one floor model for 950 sq. feet

The Aerus wasn't cheap by any means - and it does work hard with us living in downtown metropolitan Toronto ON Canada. Pollution city I say! ......

And though the cleaner does appear to keep a decent amount of smells, odours & some of the grime at bay, I would feel better with some knowledgeable comment about it.

Given all of the above, I am seriously looking at the models on your top 10. The backup of your review is the comfort level I am looking for.

What a joy!

My Kind regards,

Ed's Reply

Hey Reader;

Privately held Aerus Holdings LLC is owned by investment firm Engles Urso Follmer.

CEO Joseph Urso is a direct marketing genius. The holding company has built a cash cow portfolio by picking up turnaround opportunities.

Recent acquisitions include notorious multi-level-marketer EcoQuest International.

Urso aquired the old Electrolux door-to-door sales horizontal-tank vacuum cleaner company, and used it as the nucleus of a healthy home themed turnaround empire.

Aerus L.L.C, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, converted the 500 Electrolux company-owned retail stores to Aerus franchises and added a direct selling network.

Aerus specalizes in marketing, not manufacturing. They rebrand outsourced products and add a hefty price premium through marketing.

If you look carefully at your Aerus Lux Guardian Air Purifier, most likely a model F159B, you'll find it is a repackaged BlueAir 402.

Identical appearance and steel construction, CADRs - 250/240/255 - dimensions, noise emissions, energy use, and very similar filters, all say rebrand.

Aerus has added an ultraviolet excited photocatalytic oxidizer to the established Blueair model, probably just by spraying some titanium dioxide on the back of the filter where the new UV lamp shines.

In fairness to Aerus, this is exactly what the BlueAir needed, more chemical and odor capability.

Now Blueair is a real good brand, and a fair basis for an effort of this type. But Blueair doesn't need this type of deal - what were they thinking?

The problem with Aerus LUX Guardian Air is the enormous price premium - listing for $1399 in the retail locations. Blueair 402, now discontinued and replaced by the Blueair 403, went for $399.95.

While I respect the talents of guys like Joe Urso, and hope that his leadership will clean up the quagmire at Ecoquest, I don't think the MLM direct marketing model fits air cleaners.

You would have been better off getting 2 or 3 genuine Blueairs instead of the Aerus Lux air cleaner.

And yes, absolutely go with room air cleaners as opposed to a large central unit.

Your big Aerus is a quality air cleaner, no need to get rid of it.

Filters are very pricey, even in the Blueairs. You don't need to worry about replacement filters disappearing, as you would with other high-margin low sales volume deals.

Blueair 400-series filters will fit, and are widely available, without the titanium coating however.

It was smart of Mr. Urso to choose a BlueAir as the basis for his product. Many less intelligent managers have chosen to rebrand mainland China's junk.

Since you had the money for the Aerus deal to start with, I'd look at IQAir for your most important room - your bedroom.

Don't believe the fluff about Aerus Lux being able to clean 2000 square feet. You could get a smaller air cleaner to complement the Aerus in the front living areas.

If the Aerus deal has left you short on cash, move the Aerus Guardian into the bedroom and get one of the Asian invasion contenders - Sharp or RabbitAir - for the living room.

Best wishes for success with clean air,


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