Edenpure Deluxe G-7 Whole House Air Purifier $297.00 - $372.00

Replacement UV Bulb $17.95

Replacement Ceramic Ozone Plate $22.95

Garden of Edenpure

Edenpure air purifier. Anybody remember the early days of TV, when Wonder Bread was advertised on the Howdy Doody show?

"Helps build strong bodies 12 ways," was the marketing slogan. As a kid, I wondered why they couldn't be more specific about the claimed health benefits of white bread.

Just exactly what 12 ways?

Later I learned that 12 vitamins were added to the enriched bread to make up for milling away the fiber and germ.

But I do give the Continental Baking Company credit for marketing sliced bread in the 1930s.

After hearing Bio-Tech Research, the marketing group selling Edenpure, you'd believe the Eden Pure G-7 "Whole House" air cleaner is the greatest thing since sliced Wonder Bread.

The G-7 "works four ways" to eliminate pollution, but marketers are very unspecific as to the actual mechanisms.

Bio-Tech Research is a part of the Suarez Corporate Industries (SCI), a direct marketing firm out of Ohio.

Suarez Corporate Industries is adept at advertising, using Paul Harvey News, infomercials, and full page ads in major metro newspapers.

Edenpure's main cash cow is a $400 electric space heater that "cuts your heating bill in half."

Like David Oreck said, you can sell ordinary products at extraordinary prices if you can succeed at building a brand premium.

edenpure air purifierMaybe that's the reason for the "Deluxe" theme on the G-7 purifier, and its twin, the PurATron B-7, with walnut veiner paneling.

The resemblance to Ecoquest Air Purifiers, in technology design, appearance, and marketing is striking. Replacement ozone generating plates, the main component, are interchangeable.

But who can blame Edenpure for copycating a $1 billion business by offering a very similar product at a much fairer price?

Ads for both products are similar.

EdenPURE™ Deluxe Air Purifier: "the best and most advanced air purifier on the market"

Compare Ecoquest: "the safest, most sought after air purifier in the world."

As with Ecoquest, Edenpure's claims are demonstrably false.

After pressure from the Electronic Retailing Association (ERSP), Suarez Corp recently modified some of its advertising claims.

""an advertiser making unqualified comparative product performance claims has the burden to test its product versus a majority of significant competitors on the market "
Electronic Retailing Association

What's Inside the Eden Pure Purifier?

Like the Ecoquest air purifiers, the heart of Edenpure is a ceramic ozone generator plate adjustable from zero to 360 mg. ozone per hour.

Yep, the dreaded ozone generator our friendly-federal EPA warned us about. Yet the typical Suarez ad mentions the word "ozone" once obscurely.

A washable photocatalytic screen is the second of the four ways. A UV lamp of unspecified power and emissions spectrum powers the photocat grid.

A more-or-less standard negative ion generator- 10 to 25 KV, 20-30 KHz with fixed 6 KV DC needle emitter is next.

A tiny 4 by 8 inch washable mesh prefilter is the fourth secret air purification mechanism.

So how is that "unlike other air purifiers?"

I see little ability to reduce airborne particulate, and gas/odor capability comes mostly from ozone. In particle filtering tests at air-purifiers-america.com, the smaller Edenpure Area purifier, which purports to have a HEPA filter, removed only 10% of particles.

A five speed fan circulates ozone, claimed to "sanitize everything" in areas up to 3000 square feet. This claim could actually be true. Ozone generators are great for oxidizing mold, germs, and odors, in unoccupied rooms, which is how they are actually used in hospitals and hotels.

The users manuals suggest novel applications, like setting the air ozonator in a cold air return to clean out furnace ducts.

While Edenpure is "maintenance free and requires no filter replacement," like Ecoquest ozone plate life is short.

Users report dissatisfaction with plate quality, with frequent arcing and cracking.

Weighing 16 pounds and measuring a tiny 12 3/4” x 8 7/8” x 8 3/4”, Eden Pure G-7 can be operated by wireless remote or front control panel.

A six foot cord means the air cleaner must be placed near a wall outlet. Power consumption is 5 to70-watts.

One handy feature, which few competitors seem to get, is sleep mode, which dims lights for night use. Unfortunately, no ozone machine is recommended here for bedroom use while sleeping.

Eden Pure Safety

Many first time air purifier buyers are completely naive about the "fresh smell" of ozone.

Pet owners will marvel at its odor reducing capabilities. Moldy smelling basements which ruined carbon or zeolite odor filters will clear up with an ozone machine.

But long term exposure is a serious health hazard.

While 360 mg. per hour is only a mid-powered ozone generator, this is dangerous stuff.

I recommend the Edenpure purifier for use only when humans, pets, and plants are away.

California has banned the sale of ozone generators for most non-industrial uses, to take effect by 2010.

Consumer Reports rated the less expensive EdenPure Area air purifier "Not Acceptable" after finding ozone production above the 50 parts per billion limit (ppb) set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for medical devices, on the lowest setting.

But that doesn't faze the seller:

""Your new air purifier does not only help purify indoor air, but all your home surfaces as well. Thats right, your carpets, clothes, towels, shoes, cat, dog, you, your children... "
Eden Pure user manual

Edenpure needs a new lawyer, this is a class-action lawsuit waiting to happen.

Ecoquest has very carefully added ozone warnings to their user manuals, their full power operation is pointedly called "away mode." I believe this was done on advise of counsel.

Note the UV light visible outside the Eden air purifier. All UV emissions should be contained or viewed through special filtering glass.

""Do not look directly at the UVC Bulb while it is operating" "
Eden Pure G7 user manual

In addition, the air purifier ERSP tested lacked the Underwriters Labs (UL) or ETL label required for electrical appliances sold to the US.

Customer Service

Edenpure offers a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. For returns, buyers are required to use the original packaging.

Warranty is just one year. Like ecoquest, claims are submitted to the dealer who sold the Eden purifier.

But users report stonewalling. Customer service is very slow to pick up. Forum posts complain of a recording to the effect of "experiencing a high volume of calls," suggest calling later, and then a dial tone.

There is one application I heartily recommend the Edenpure G-7 air ozonator for: that new car smell.

A car or musty boat interior can be detoxified by running the 'Pure overnight in the garage. Just air the vehicle out before driving.

Conclusion: the Deluxe Edenpure G7 is an Ecoquest knockoff at half the price.

You can find the G-7 Purifier at Amazon.com.

air-purifier-power Rating

Each of ten factors gets up to 10 points, 100 is perfect and very unlikely. Machines rated below 70 are not recommended.

1. First do no harm; minimal out gassing, no ozone.

Score: 1 of 10, ozone air cleaner.

2. Gas and odor removal, VOC capability.

Score: 8 of 10, ozone-oxidation system takes time to clear bigger areas, but will remove gas toxins and odors. Just don't use it when anyone is home.

3. Quality construction; case, gaskets, seals, and precision fitting eliminate bypassing and assure high efficiency at filtering sub-micron particles.

Score: 6 of 10, no real filters to bypass, cheap ozone plate needs frequent replacement.

4. The design extends the lifespan of each filter element by allowing independent cartridge replacement.

Score: 10 of 10, no combined filters.

5. Air cleaner has long filter life, low maintenance, and reasonable operating costs.

Score:10 of 10, no loss leader filters to buy.

6. Purifier produces minimal sound levels and meaningful air flow rates relative to noise.

Score: 8 of 10, builder's undocumented claim of quietness and fan power.

7. Manufacturer has a track record, with a reputation for supporting what they sell and many units in the field. Warranty period and average service life are long.

Score: 4 of 10, poor image. Dangerous deceptive advertising. One year Parts and Labor guarantee.

8. Purifier is a value in terms of price/performance ratio.

Score: 6 of 10, not a value, except when compared to Ecoquest rip-off.

9. No dirt; air purifier and marketer should be devoid of consumer complaints, class-action suits, high returns, recalls, and legitimate negative consumer reviews.

Score: 4 of 10, slick marketing of knock-off engineering. Avoidance of ozone issue is deceptive marketing.

10. Unit is stylish, portable, comfortable, and convenient for consumer use.

Score: 10 of 10, handy remote, easy interface.

Air-Purifier-Power Numeric Rating; 67

Recommended only for those who just hafta have an ozone spewing Ecoquest-type "purifier." Edenpure is almost indistinguishable for less than half the price.

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